Mathoor Hanging Bridge


The Mathoor Hanging Trough is the tallest as well as the longest trough bridge in Asia, having a height of 115 feet and a length of one kilometre. Constructed in 1966, this bridge has become a place of tourist importance and hundreds of tourists visit this place. This is situated in Mathoor, hamlet of Aruvikkarai revenue village in Thiruvattar Panchayat Union.

               The bridge has been constructed at Mathoor across the river Parazhiyar at a cost of Rs. 12.90/- lakhs and the trough canal (Pattanamkal canal) on the bridge carries water for irrigation from one side of a hill to the other side of a hill. The trough has a height of seven feet with a width of seven feet six inches. The canal is being shouldered by 28 huge pillars. By the unrelented efforts of late Thiru. K. Kamaraj, the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, this canal was constructed as a drought relief measure and for the development of agriculture in Vilavancode and Kalkulam Taluks. The District Administration has put up a staircase from top to the bottom of the bridge and also built a children’s park and bathing platforms over here.

The details of the bridge are:

Hydraulics Particulars

1. Length of flume 1240 ft. (378.05M)
2. Width 7’-6’ (2.286 M)
3. Height of trough 7’-0 (2.13 M)
4. Full supl. level 5’-6/(1.68 M)
5. Free board (3-4) 1’6’ (0.46 M)
6. Slope 1/1000
7. Velocity 5.1 Ft. per second / (1.55M/Sec)
8. Discharge 204 C.ft/Sec.
9. No. of span pillars 28
10. Length of span 40 feet (12.195 M)
11. Bed level, trough at start 230.55 (Cms.)
12. Bed level, trough at end 229.17 (Cms.)
13. Maximum height above ground level 104’.00 (28 M)
14. Construction cost Rs. 12.90 lakhs




Photo Gallery

  • Mathur hanging bridge Side View
  • Mathur Bridge

How to Reach:

By Air

Nearest Airport : Thiruvananthapuram Airport. Mathur Hanging Bridge can be reached by bus or train from Thiruvananthapuram.

By Train

Nearest Railway Station : Kuzhithurai junction. Mathoor Hanging Bridge is 14 Kms from here which can be reached by an Auto /Taxi .

By Road

By road it is 28 Kms from Nagercoil and 48 Kms from Kanniyakumari . 52 Kms from Thiruvananthapuram Airport