District Backward Classes & Minorities Welfare

BC welfare

The Government is implementing various welfare schemes for the educational, economic and social upliftment of the Backward Classes, Most Backward Classes, Denotified Communities and Minorities. The Government provides scholarship, hostel facilities, bi-cycles for the educational advancement of students of these communities. The Government implements schemes such as distribution of sewing machines, iron boxes, house sites and loan schemes through the Tamil Nadu Backward Classes Economic Development Corporation and the Tamil Nadu Minorities Economic Development Corporation. Further, the Government provides various social welfare assistance to the people of Narikuravar Community and Denotified Communities through the Welfare Boards constituted for the communities.


The Government implements various schemes for the welfare of the Minorities, such as assistance to Hajj pilgrimage, financial assistance to Jerusalem pilgrimage, grant of Rs.1 crore to take up maintenance and renovation works in churches and pension for Ulemas. The Ulema pension has been enhanced from Rs.1,000 to Rs.1,500 per month, from the year 2016-2017.


1 Personal Loan Plan I – Upto 20,00,000/- Rural – 81,000/- Upto 50,000/- – 5% annual
  1. A Certificate for the proof of Minority religion
  2. Income Certificate
  3. Residence Certificate
  4. Project Report regarding the proposed venture.
  5. Driving licence (in case of vehicle loan alone)
  6. Any other Document required by Co-operative bank.
  7. Aadhaar Card Xerox (if available)
Personal Loan Plan I – Upto 20,00,000/- Urban – 1,03,000/- 50,000/- – 20,00,000/- – 6% per annum
Personal Loan Plan II – Upto 30,00,000/- Upto – 6,00,000/- Women – 6% per annum
Personal Loan Plan II – Upto 30,00,000/- Upto – 6,00,000/- Men – 8% Per annum
2 Micro Credit for self help group Plan I – 1,00,000/- Rural – 81,000/- 7% per annum
Micro Credit for self help group Plan I – 1,00,000/- Urban – 1,03,000/-
Micro Credit for self help group Plan II – 1,50,000/- Upto – 6,00,000/- Women – 8%
3 Education loan for professional courses / short term High skill Development courses Plan I – 3,00,000/- to 20,00,000/- Rural – 81,000/- 3% per annum
Education loan for professional courses / short term High skill Development courses Plan I – 3,00,000/- to 20,00,000/- Urban – 6,00,000/-
Education loan for professional courses / short term High skill Development courses Plan II – 3,00,000/- to 30,00,000/- Upto – 6,00,000/- Girls – 5%
4 Loan for the purchase of milch animals A Pair of milch Cow – 50,000/-           pair of murra – 70,000/- Rural – 81,000/- 6% per annum
Loan for the purchase of milch animals A Pair of milch Cow – 50,000/-           pair of murra – 70,000/- Urban – 1,03,000/-
5 Auto loan LPG Auto 1,21,000/- Other auto – 1,00,000/- Rural – 81,000/- 6% per annum
Auto loan LPG Auto 1,21,000/- Other auto – 1,00,000/- Urban – 1,03,000/-


  • Helps any destitute Muslim Widow / Women with monthly allowance or some other form as the funds of the society may permit.
  • Imparts training to destitute Muslim Women in Handicrafts, Small scale industries.
  • Organises a Home for aged / destitute Muslim Women
  • Assists Muslim women members in the commercial, Industrial and educational fields with a view to inculcate in them a sense of care and assistance.


The Government is implementing three kinds of scholarship schemes of Government of India for the students belonging to religious Minorities viz/. Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist, Parsi and Jain studying from 1stStd to Professional Degree / Research level courses in Government / Government Aided and in all recognized private Institutions.

The details are as follows:

Name of the Scholarships Classes covered Parent / Guardians Annual income limit Sharing pattern of Funds
Prematric Std. 1 to X Rs. 1.00 Lakh 100% centre
Postmatric Std. 11th to Ph.D Rs. 2.00 Lakh 100% centre
Merit-Cum-Means Based Professional / Technical Courses Rs. 2.50 Lakh 100% centre

Eligibility Criteria for availing Scholarship

  • Students should have secured not less than 50% marks in the previous year final examination (except 1st,)
  • 30% of Scholarships is earmarked to Girl students from out of the total physical target.
  • Scholarship will be given to the students native of Tamil Nadu.
  • Scholarship will be sanctioned only for 2 Children in a family.
  • Students should not avail any other scholarship through Backward Class / Adidravidar Welfare / other Departments, Welfare Boards, etc., while applying of this scholarship.


In Kanniyakumari District, following Hostels are functioning.

Sl. No. Name of the Hostel Type of Hostels (BC/MBC/DNC/ Minorities )
1. Govt. School Girls Hostel, Nagercoil BC
2. Govt. School Girls Hostel, Azhakappapuram BC
3. Govt. School Girls Hostel, Kuzhithurai BC
4. Govt. School Girls Hostel, Karungal BC
5. Govt. School Boys Hostel, Marthandam BC
6. Govt. College Girls Hostel, Agastheeswaram BC
7. Govt. College Girls Hostel, Nagercoil BC
8. Govt. College Girls Hostel, Chunkankadai BC
9. Govt. College Girls Hostel, Kovalam Minorities
10. Govt. College Boys Hostel, Agastheeswaram BC
11. Govt. College Boys Hostel, Aralvaimozhy BC
12. Govt. School Girls Hostel, Colachel BC
13 Govt. School Girls Hostel, Eraniel BC
14 Govt. School Girls Hostel, Puthukadai BC
15 Govt. School Girls Hostel, Kulasekaram BC
16 Govt. School Girls Hostel, Thuckalay BC
17 Govt. School Girls Hostel, Boothapandi BC
18 Govt. School Girls Hostel, Kollencode Minorities
19 Govt. School Boys Hostel, Poottaty BC


The Ulema and other Personnel Welfare Board was formed during the year 2009 and functioning for the upliftment of educational and economic status of the Ulemas, Aalims, Pesh – Imams, Arabic Teachers, Mothinars, Bilal, and other Employees working in Mosque, Madarasas, Darghas, Ashurkhanas, Burial ground, Thaikas, Muslim Orphanages etc. in the state

The persons who have completed 18 years and not attained 60 years of age are eligible for Membership. Identity Cards are given to the registered Members of the Board at free of cost. The Identity cards should be renewed once in three years.

The financial assistance given to the members of the Ulemas and Other personnel Welfare Boards are as follows:

S.No. Details of Assistance Assistance Rs.
1 Accidental Insurance
a)      Death due to accident 1,00,000/-
b)      Handicapped due to accident (with reference to percentage of handicapness) 10,000 to 1,00,000/-
2 Natural Death 15,000/-
3 Funeral Expenses 2,000/-
4 Scholarship
a)      Girl student studying in X Std. 1,000/-
b)      Student passed in X Std. 1,000/-
c)      Girl student studying in XI Std. 1,000/-
d)      Girl student studying in XII Std. 1,500/-
e)      Student passed in XII Std. 1,500/-
f)       Student studying Degree Courses (Day Scholar) 1,500/-
g)      Student studying Degree Courses (Hosteller) 1,750/-
h)      Student studying post Graduate Courses (Day Scholar) 4,000/-
i)        Student studying Post Graduate Courses (Hosteller) 5,000/-
j)        Student studying Under Graduate Professional Course (Day Scholar) 4,000/-
k)      Student studying Under Graduate Professional Courses (Hosteller) 6,000/-
l)        Student studying Post Graduate professional Courses (Day Scholar) 6,000/-
m)    Student studying in Post Graduate Professional Courses (Hosteller) 8,000/-
n)      Student studying in ITI/Polytechnic 1,000/-
o)      Student studying in ITI/Polytechnic (Hosteller) 1,200/-
5 Marriage Assistance 2,000/-
6 Maternity Assistance
a)      Maternity Assistance of Rs. 1,000/- per month for six months 6,000/-
b)      Abortion 3,000/-
7 Spectacle 5,00 (Max.)
8 Old Age Pension 1,000 p.m


A new scheme providing financial assistance for Jerusalem Pilgrimage by all sections of Christians in Tamil Nadu has been ordered by the Government. At the rate of Rs. 20,000/- each.

Church renovation Assistance

Church functioning in its own building for more than 10 years and not receiving of any foreign aid shall alone be eligible for getting this Assistance.  Church receiving grant in a financial year under this scheme shall be ineligible to apply again for another 5 years.
Amount of Grant

The estimate of the work for repair / renovation of church shall not exceed the amount specified below:

Age of Church building Amount of grant to be allotted
10-15 years Rs.1,00,000/-
15-20 years Rs.2,00,000/-
20 years and above Rs.3,00,000/-

The estimate of the work exceeding the above specified amount, should be borne by the church concerned by making their own arrangements.

Recipient of the application

The application (as indicated in Annexure-II of G.O.(Ms) No.71, Backward Classes, Most Backward Classes and Minorities Welfare (MWRU) Department, dated: 20.12.2016) should be submitted to the Collector of  the respective District along with required details.

Verification of the application

District Collector is  to form a Committee consisting of the following officials to examine the application.

  1. District Backward Classes and Minorities Welfare Officer of the concerned district.
  2. Engineer of the concerned Block Development Office / Town Panchayat /Municipal Engineer / Corporation Engineer
  3. Concerned Tahsildar.
Sanctioning Authority

After examination, the Committee shall submit the applications to District Collector for approval along with plan and estimates.

After finalization, the District Collector shall send proposals to Commissioner of Minorities Welfare, Chennai for sanction of funds. The release of funds to Churches shall be effected  through District Collector [at] 75% as first instalment and the balance 25% after completion of the repair / renovation work, which shall be certified by the Engineer of the concerned Block Development Office / Town Panchayat / Municipal Engineer / Corporation Engineer after inspecting the completion of work.

Release of fund

A bank account shall opened in the name “Renovation / repair work of Churches” , to be operated by the concerned District Backward Classes and Minorities Welfare Officer and the funds should be released only after approval of the District Collector.Completion of Work

The work shall be executed by the Church. The Church must complete its renovation and repair work within three months from the date of release of first instalment and the second instalment of 25% will be released on production of completion certificate from the officials concerned for the first phase of release.